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Project Solutions

What We Offer

  • Turnkey/EPCM
  • Construction Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Technology Management
  • Business Optimisation/Value Chain Bottlenecking

Value Philosophy

If you believe infrastructure is all there is in an infrastructure project, then that’s what you deliver; infrastructure. If you believe there is more to it, you look beyond the brief and stretch your imagination beyond the known, so you can offer more.

Our world is constantly changing and increasingly growing more complex. In this context, infrastructure providers and owners need more than engineers and contractors. That is, companies that can design and build. They need a partner and sounding board that offers more.

Pertinently, our value proposition is:

  • A holistic approach to projects and programmes where emphasis and insight stretch beyond the usual variables of quality, cost and time to embrace issues of reputation, relationships, aspirations and opportunities, among key success imperatives. Because there is more at stake, after all.
  • Better questions, so we can better define what would constitute project success in a given context.
  • Offering complete solutions the impact of which resonates beyond the project or programme. After all, our clients are out to do more.
  • Framing our role as a partner and sounding board with a good understanding of our client’s context, so we can serve from a place of empathy and relevance.
  • Combining our capabilities, resources, experience, project expertise and other credentials in a creative way to deliver work that delivers more.

“More than just infrastructure” is how we define project success, and it’s this mindset that has enabled us to deliver differentiated value in the assignments we have undertaken to date.